Tuesday, September 20, 2011

33 weeks

Took this picture last week-at 32 weeks

Kent and I were going to bed last week when it suddenly dawned on me:
While I'm certainly not going to be going into labor this early,
if it did happen, we could safely have a baby girl in only two weeks.

That is crazy, people.  Where oh where have the past 8 months gone?

As of right now, I'm doing pretty good.  

After coming home from Utah last month I was quite uncomfortable for a week or two--kind of felt like someone was tearing me apart at the hips.  Couldn't walk, sit, put on my clothes, etc.  At one point I was really starting to think that something was seriously wrong, but my midwives told me it was all very normal for a second pregnancy.
(What is the third and fourth time around going to be like??)

But, the pain has eased up a lot since then. And I am SO grateful for that. 
I still feel sore and tired and sort of like my bones are going to fall in a heap on the floor sometimes (an unusual sensation that I certainly did not have last time I was pregnant),
but really, 
I'm just glad to be back to being able to get off the couch and take care of my house and my family, even if I am a bit slower than I used to be.

Beyond all of that, though,
I really am doing good.
I'm usually tired enough by the end of the day that I can fall asleep before the restless legs start up,
and I sleep quite soundly in between the bathroom trips, according to Kent.  
(I guess being pregnant makes me snore louder...)

I'm ravenously hungry, and always thirsty.  
Last week I made brownies to give to the girls I visit teach, but then we shared some with the missionaries, and then,
I kind of ate the rest of them,
even the ones on the edges of the pan that had gotten all stale. Gross, I know.
I've been craving chocolate, all the time.

Nearly everything is ready for the baby now; her room is coming together, we have all the blankets and soft pink things that we need, and I've been arranging all the little baby things that little babies need.

The only thing we don't have is a name.
 We have a list, but we're pretty much stumped.  None of the names on our list are standing out to us enough for us to choose them,
so we're still searching.
Any ideas for us?
The weather is cooling off (a bit), the weeks are passing quickly, and every time I see the Halloween decorations in the stores it feels like November 5th is going to be here before we know it!


Creole Wisdom said...

You look great Becca! I am glad you are doing well :)

I just noticed this baked cookie dough brownie on pinterest, I'm not a huge chocolate person but I bet you'd love it :)

Teresa said...

I hear you about the bones falling on the floor.
Hope the last few weeks go great and you get a big dose of energy.
You look adorable.

Savanah said...

I love to hear the pregnancy updates. What an amazing time of life! Names are definitely one of the hardest parts about preparing for a baby...good luck!

heidi said...

you look great! it was fun to hear how it's going, hope you get some extra energy!!!

shannon said...

Oh, you're in the home stretch! Glad you've got some of your energy back to make it through the day. :0
Names . . . Anna was our hardest one to narrow down. She was about 6 hours old before we made the final decision. Hmm, some favorites . . . Sadie, Sydney, Claire, . . . that's all I got. Good luck!

Josh said...

I vote for a name like Taylor, or Sam, or Dani, or Michael (pronounced Michelle), or... you get the idea. :D Just kidding

magunn said...

Oh, you beautiful pregnant woman. What was that comment you made on my facebook? That everything's going to your arms and thighs? Unless you were anorexic beforehand, I would have to say that is not the case. You look great. It's all in the belly.

Also, my bones have recently been feeling like melting ... maybe it's a 30-ish week thing? I'm glad to hear yours is feeling much better! Hopefully mine will too ...

And names are so hard. We've always liked Belen (like Buh-len), but now we're having serious fears that she will be mad at us for having to explain her name the rest of her life. Others we are tossing around: Elsa, Sadie, Shelby, Riley, and Maren ... but I've been thinking about Belen for so long I don't know if I can give it up.

What's better: to have a name that you will be tacking your last initial onto throughout your years of school, or having to correct people your entire life? Hm.

Lisa Brown said...

You are such a cute pregnant woman :). And I am so excited for you to get a baby girl!

Holly Penrose said...

You look GREAT!!! How awesome that you will be coming back to Utah!! YEAH! ; )