Thursday, September 1, 2011

day 1

I found this 30-day photo challenge from Oh So Lovely last month,
but August was a little busy, so I decided to do it in September.

 Day 1:  Self-portrait

And while I was working on my self-portrait, Nicholas was sitting on my dresser (I was right next to him),
and he noticed himself in the mirror.

And then, he really liked the song on Pandora playing in the other room,
so he danced.
And he admired his moves.


heidi said...

Nicholas is a cutie! looks like a great challenge, thanks for sharing!

Stephanie Woodward said...

Hahaha, SO cute!! I love the look on his face in the first picture. Way to capture the moment. :)

Teresa said...

He can come and dance at my house anyday. =)

shannon said...

fun! I've seen this challenge floating around too. Would you mind if I joined you this month? :)

The Ballards said...

I love this! The pictures and the concept. I think I'll try this too :)