Thursday, September 8, 2011

photo challenge: 4 through 8

Day four:  favorite color
I can't really say that I have one specific favorite color.
It changes with the seasons.
Right now, this is my craft table.  Pink and aqua have spent a lot of time in my head lately, and I'm still loving this color combination. 

Day five: someone I love
Helping me water the grass. His pants (and most of his shirt) were soaked by the time he was done.

Day six: childhood memory
Frosted graham crackers with milk.  This was my favorite after school snack.
And sometimes, my mom would pack frosted graham crackers with a lunch when we went fishing with my grandpa.  
They would sit in the lunchbox in the warm sun all morning, and then when it came time to eat them they were  so perfect: the crackers would get soft and they'd be warm and mmmm.
I still eat graham crackers (with or without frosting) and milk a few times a week.

 Day seven: something new
 I just bought this mirror for the baby's room. 
Found it for only $30 at TJ-Maxx.  
We are picking up the dresser on Saturday, and the crib should be arriving on Monday or Tuesday.  I am so so excited to get her room all together!

Day eight: technology
My computer desk.  
The random assortment of things are from Nicholas.  He found them in my bathroom closet and calls them his "soaps."  
It's pretty exciting to come to my desk each day because I'm never quite sure what I'm going to find on it.  Or in the printer for that matter. 
Ever since his april fool's day trick, the printer has become his special place to put all sorts of things.
Just the other day he walked in here with his shoulders shrugged saying "where is it?  where is it?" and then he laughed and said "oh yeah!"  walked over to the printer, opened it up, pulled out his littlepeople cow and said "there it is!"

And do you like the boppy pillow on my chair?  Sitting on hard surfaces gives me braxton hicks contractions like crazy, so this is my solution.  Only 8 more weeks, right??


creole wisdom said...

I'm so excited to see the nursery! It looks beautiful so far :)

Aimee said...

Can't wait to see the nursery and love the use of the Boppy. I definitely used mine to sit on AFTER having a baby. I love the daily photo. Do you mind if I copy your idea?

heidi said...

petty color combo. my mom always gave us graham crackers with frosting when we were sick, loved it too!

shannon said...

can't wait to see what you do with all the pink and aqua. I've loved all your recent pins on pinterest.

Teresa said...

Love the daily the pile that nicholas makes for you.