Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've done it. I told myself not to; I tried my very best to stay aloof and objective, but it didn't help.
The pictures were so appealing. The description melted my heart.
Yes, it's true. I've developed an online relationship. Shocking, I know.
I've fallen in love with a house.

It's for sale in San Antonio. It's exactly the size we want. It's in our price range. It's only six houses down from Dallin and Cindy. It's perfect. It's beautiful.
And we can't put an offer in until later this summer. I'm praying that it will still be available. I'm sure that if this house is where we are supposed to end up, it will work out. That's just how Heavenly Father works. If it isn't still for sale--it wasn't meant to be.
But did I mention I'm praying for it?

I actually had a dream about unpacking in that house. I know where I want everything to go in that cute little kitchen.

We are arriving in San Antonio on Monday. I think that this house is the first place I want to go. And I just might set up a tent on the front lawn--live there for the next two months to scare away any other buyers. Faith is nothing without works, right?

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Baby stuff. The kitchen table has been converted to our workspace.

Burp cloths (We made some of these with adorable ribbons at the shower Teresa gave me, and I got carried away while finishing them up and now I have twice as many!)
Fabric, ricrac
"Binky" straps
Embroidered onsies
Nursing covers

Kent said he's heard the word "Cute!" way too many times in the past two days.

My dad even got in on the action last night and sewed a burpcloth all by himself! He's never, ever even thought about wanting to sew before.
I think Mom and Dad are excited to be grandparents.

And I still haven't forgotten about posting my creative nonfiction piece--I just haven't yet figured out how to do it. It's a long document.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Green hills,
Baby shower,
Mission farewell,
Family pictures,
A kayak race (Kent won first place for me!),
Backyard barbeques and the pool,

And of course the famous Taco Truck.
We had to satisfy Kent's craving for it. We went twice.
Hopefully it isn't too long before we get to go back. We'll have little baby Nicholas* in tow.

*Although we haven't submitted our final answer quite yet, "Nicholas Kent" is the name we're currently decided on.

Friday, April 17, 2009


We're in California this week,
visiting all of Kent's family and seeing his brother, Mason, off on his mission.

It's wonderful. Warm. Green. Relaxing. Fun.

Last night we played a rousing game of Taboo, and we laughed so hard we cried. I'm so happy we get to be here!
And Kent's whole family is together again for the first time in like three years.

I'm going to post the piece I read at graduation once I have Kent show me how to add a document link to the Html.

But for now, I'm going to make a waffle with bananas on it and sit in the morning sunshine.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Here we are: two of BYU-Idaho's newest Alumni.I read a creative nonfiction essay at my convocation. I was super nervous,
but as I sat on the stand, reading over my paper and hoping I wouldn't mess up,
our little boy kicked me
just hard enough to remind me that he's there--
I think he wanted me to know I'd do well.

I mean, if I can grow a child, I can certainly read something to a room full of people.
Both of those with Heavenly Father's help, of course.

And here's my handsome husband listening intently during his own convocation.
The past two days have been busy, full, and fast. Our families were here, as were my grandparents (the Woods).
They're gone now (except for my brother Josh who's hanging with us until we move on Monday).
It's quiet.
I don't quite know what to do with myself. Who am I now that I'm not a student anymore? What do I do next?

Our little boy seems to know. I'm glad he's there to remind me.

Monday, April 6, 2009

an end and a beginning

We're at the end now. Kent tried on his cap and gown in preparation for Thursday and Friday.

This morning I finished my very last homework assignment ever. (Finals week is actually this week, but all my teachers decided to be "nice" and make everything due last week. Which just made last week as crazy as finals week usually would be.)

But it's nice to be done.
I even finished my final cake project. (Sorry the picture is small. I post a bigger one on Wednesday, I promise).
I traveled to the National Undergraduate Literature Conference last week and gave a reading of one of my short stories.
The experience was eye-opening.

BYU-Idaho is a wonderful school. I'm glad I came here. For one thing, if I hadn't I wouldn't have met and fallen in love with the crazy boy who is at this very moment singing about eating potatoes while he sends me instant messages from across the table.
Yes, I'm so glad I came here. I love this school and I've even learned to love the frozen tundra of Rexburg.

BYU-Idaho is a very sheltered place. Our "bubble" is thick.
I'm going to miss it,
but there's so much coming.