Saturday, February 21, 2015

Nicholas and Ellie speak

"Look, this is my 'Captain America: Dinosaur Hunter' outfit!"

While wiping the table clean one afternoon (one of his daily chores): 
"Someone should build a robot that does all this work so that I don't have to."

He called me into his room in the middle of the night. I stumbled in there and he said, "I thought of something that rhymes! Pink, Purple, and Pig. And pigs are pink!"  
Thanks for letting me know, Bud, and we'll work on rhyming when it's not 4 am.

Nicholas was sitting on Kent's lap. He kept looking up at him.  "Um,, I shouldn't say it."
Kent: "What is it?"
Nick: "How do you even smell with all those hairs in your nose?"

I've been trying to teach Nick that he doesn't need to take off all of his clothes every time he uses the bathroom. One afternoon I was reminding him again, probably a little less than patiently.  "Nicholas, Please don't take off all your clothes!" His response? 
"But this is Earth, isn't it?!"

While coloring: "Some girls have yellow hair. Like chips are yellow. This girl has chip hair."

He pressed his nose to mine and put his hands on my cheeks. "Mom. Which cheek is your favorite?"

Playing some sort of battle game with my brother Jonah:
Jonah: "Well, I'm eternal and I can't die."
Nicholas: "That's okay! I brought stuff that kills turtles that can't die!"

After eating a banana.  "Mom! I just figured out what 'wasting food' means!" He then explained what it meant to waste food--throwing it out without eating it.  
He laughed, "I've been wasting bananas for years!" 

Inside her castle fort, talking to my sister, Sarah: "This is mine horse! I found him in the woods.   ....his name is Princess Dave."

We drove past a dump truck.
Ellie: "Look! That truck has a great big rock in it!"
Me: "It does. What do you think they're going to do with a rock that big?"
Ellie: "Turn it into babies."
Me: ......
Me: "Rocks don't turn into babies."
Ellie: "Yes they do! I saw it on a show!"

Riding in Grandma's car on the way to Church: "I'm just so surprised I'm in here!"

Comes running into our room one morning: "Mom! Dad! I'm the BEST! Nicholas said so."

Again playing with Sarah, playing with my old Polly Pockets.  Ellie's person invited Sarah over to her house. When Sarah's person got there and asked what they should do, Ellie answered:
"Well, I just drank all the hot chocolate, so you should probably just leave now."

I walked past the playroom and saw Ellie sitting in the doll high chair, lashing herself to it with the string from my bathrobe. 
Ellie: "This is the jail for the bad guys."
Me: "Oh, are you a bad guy?"
Ellie: big sigh.... "No...I'm a good guy who did a bad thing."

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Teresa said...

I love these post you do...and the cute and silly things they say.
Happy Day