Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ellie eats

Or rather, Ellie doesn't eat. At least, not when she's supposed to be eating. 
This girl has decided that mealtimes are much better spent slumped over in her chair, waiting for us to all finish so she can go play again.

All so that, fifteen minutes later she can come bouncing up to me, 
"Mommy? Um, so, I'm hungry."

And even when she hasn't been avoiding mealtimes, this girl is ALWAYS hungry lately.
There's definitely a growth spurt happening here. Suddenly, all of her pants are too short and all of her shirts show her cute little bellybutton.

A few days ago, after I'd just finished cleaning up her snack,
"Mommy? Um, so, I'm hungry. Still."

So I gave her the carton of cottage cheese. 
And she found what she felt was the best place to eat it.

I've got to figure out way to keep this girl sufficiently fed before baby brother arrives.
Either that, or hire a private chef just for my three-year-old....

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