Monday, February 9, 2015

five things

1. Holidays: Valentine's Day--this is about the extent of my decorating this year. A banner I made while I was at my parents' house last month. My mom found a book she didn't need anymore, and I traced the hearts with a cookie cutter.  
Last Monday was Groundhog's Day, and while we usually have a party, a fun dinner, and ice cream (sometimes even homemade!) 
this year, we pretty much just did ice cream. 
I'm nearly 9 months pregnant. We're in the "just do what you can and call it good" stage.

2. Staying entertained: We've been avoiding going out lately because it seems like everyone around us is sick. And I don't want to be. But, this has made for some long days at home.  Last night, I pulled out the art treasure box and we made musical instruments. I wish I could say I was doing fun stuff like this with them every day, 
but I haven't been. I just really am looking forward to having this baby and being able to actually move around again. I know some people say they like baby inside because it's easier to take care of them that way, 
but I disagree. Being able to walk around, roll over in bed, get up off the couch, and stand long enough to make dinner for my family is kinda important.

3. Nicholas has been awesome. He's always a good kid, but this week he's been especially sweet and kind and helpful. I'm loving it. He dressed up as Captain America a few days ago and then spent the day asking me what he could do to help me. 
He and Ellie mopped the floor, vacuumed, cleaned up all the toys, and were so kind to each other. 

4. My brother and his wife had me take some pictures for them on Saturday. My little boy is going to have a cousin!  We're so excited!

5. The kids are really very excited about the new baby. Nicholas often wakes up and tells us that he had another dream about the baby being here, that "he was so cute!" And Ellie beams whenever anyone asks her about the new baby coming soon,
but I think she's also feeling a little insecure about it. She gets upset about things that never used to bother her, she's had a few screaming fits and troubles we've never seen in her,
but I'm really hoping that maybe she'll just get it all out of her system before the baby arrives?? I can hope, right?

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Teresa said...

I love that picture of Nicholas...I think it should be framed! so he can prove to all his girlfriends that yes...he is the real Captain America!