Tuesday, August 19, 2014

sprinkles and silly faces

aka A Boy's Fifth Birthday

In the days and weeks leading up to his birthday, anytime we mentioned the day, Nicholas would let out this maniacal giggle. 
He was incredibly excited.
He gave me a list of what he wanted to do on his birthday:
  • Go to Grandma's House
  • See Sarah
  • Go to Bear Lake (we did that the day before his birthday)
  • Eat everything with sprinkles, and not eat anything healthy
  • Do a pinata
  • Not wear party hats
I believe we fulfilled everything on his list.  Especially the sprinkles part.

 First thing in the morning, checking out the presents. This kid gave us the most awesome faces all day long. He was just.so.excited. 
We let him open one present right away--a remote control truck--and at that point, 8:30 am, he was already exclaiming that this was "The BEST birthday ever!"

 His breakfast request: oatmeal with sprinkles.
 Nicholas picked out this pinata and wanted to break it open all on his own.
It took him several minutes of good, hard swinging, but he finally broke off the front wheel.

 Pinatas are super fun when it's just you and your little sister to gather up all that candy!
 Nicholas first asked for a batman cake....but since he doesn't even really know who batman is, and since black frosting is super difficult to pull off, I helped him make another choice.  And boy was he excited about his chocolate cake... with sprinkles! (of course!)  

For lunch we picked up pizza and took it to a park.

Nicholas spent the day laughing like a madman, eating several pieces of cake, driving his new remote control truck everywhere, and pretending to be Captain America (thanks Grammer and Papa for the helmet and shield!).  
He now insists that we do not call him  Nicholas; he wants to go by Captain America "Because he's super strong and does everything that's right!"
I adore this sprinkle-loving, wild-giggling, right-choice making, sweet happy boy.
Happy Five, Captain America!


Mike and Alli said...

His faced are awesome! And I love the sprinkles on the corn and oatmeal. Obviously that makes them unhealthy, right? ;)

Teresa said...

Why yes, I will take some sprinkles with that. ....he is such a fun little guy! Happy Day

Shannon Brown said...

LOVE all of his facial expressions! And I love that he carried the sprinkles-on-everything theme throughout the day. I'm glad he had such a happy birthday!!