Friday, August 15, 2014

roommate reunion

The weekend after we got back from camping, some of my dearest friends in the world, who also happen to be my former roommates, came to stay with us.

These are the kind of girls that you love forever.  We lived together for a year, but here we are, eight years later.
 We were missing Megan in this picture--should have taken a group shot before she left!

Kayla, in the orange and blue to the left of me, and her darling family stayed at our house the whole weekend. She has three adorable boys.  The kids got along so well!  
Especially Nicholas and Luke. 
Nicholas cried when they left.  
They're just going to have to come back to visit sometime!
 We took everyone up into the canyon for a picnic dinner and s'mores, of course.

Ellie has decided that pictures are the time to be goofy.

Honestly, to her, there isn't  a time in the day that isn't a time to be goofy. This girl!

The boys enjoying popsicles on the back step.  
Thanks everyone for making it happen-it was so wonderful to see you!  We're definitely going to do this again!


heidi said...

so much fun! glad he has a good time now!

Dan Andersen said...


Creole Wisdom said...

It warms my heart to see how connected you are with your college roomies. I feel close to mine, and always find it reassuring that marriage + kids doesn't change that sweet friendship/bond.