Friday, August 1, 2014

good morning from a tent

Our night while camping was long.
Really long.
The rain was pounding, and did not let up, all night long.  

Nicholas slept fantastically, and when he woke up he sighed and said, 
"Ah, camping nights are really long!"

You have no idea, bud.

Bathroom trips in the pitch black, constant checking for tent leaks (none in ours, thank goodness!), an air mattress that went flat (twice...), and a sweet little girl who was too cold and wanted to snuggle/wiggle in our bed for hours.

But that morning, when we finally woke up, the four of us piled in our nearly flat mattress and snuggled and giggled and it was awesome.

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Creole Wisdom said...

Oh goodness... you are a brave mama! It does sound like a blast, though. Why are air mattresses always going flat? Someone has got to start inventing more durable ones :)