Thursday, February 13, 2014

their valentines

Taking Valentine's pictures of my kids this year went surprisingly well.  

Actually, the first attempt did not go well at all.  
Not enough sunshine of the literal kind or the personality kind.  Grumps and clouds and a camera do not mix well.

We tried again a few days later. The sun was out, my room was bright, and the kids were happy to pose and look cute.
Because of that, I had way too many to choose from, 
so I did them all. 

 This one wasn't my favorite, but...those curls!...I just had to use it somehow.
Her curls looked that perfect on accident--from us going to the pool that morning and me not washing it after. (Cause I'm Supermom.)

Some most days her curls are just a frizz fest/strawberry blonde rats nest, but then there are days like this one, 
where I get all giddy because of how much I have always wanted a little girl with curls.  

The grumps weren't entirely gone that afternoon either, so I focused on his sweet little toes.

 Happy Valentine's Day! We love you all!


Savanah said...

Ok, these are too darling! You are a fabulous photographer! And you have adorable subjects. Love this idea, so cute!

Teresa said...

We love them... Thanks said...

So cute

heidi said...

we loved our valentines, the kids were so excited! i so wanted to get valentines out to the cousin's this year, hopefully next year!