Sunday, February 2, 2014

sweet routine

I've been working hard. My darling busybodies keep me on my toes. 
January was a month of our blessed, sweet, daily routine.  Nothing big going on, just normal, daily
 It's loud. It's messy. It's crying and fits and chattering and laughter.  It's learning to clean up after ourselves and learning to read and learning to do yoga. (which I discovered I love, by the way.)
It was a month of reading--I'm still devouring books on my new kindle, a month of not much computer time, and a month of listening to the kids discover how to imaginative play together for hours at a time (joy!)
I've been working to eat healthier and feed my family better.  
My one little word for 2014 is Nourish, but more on that later.

In January,
We went carpet shopping with monkeys:

(Just so you know, she put that bow back in on her own.  I don't pin it dead center like that.  And he insists on wearing the hood up. All. the. time.) 

Enjoyed unusually warm weather: 

(I think it was a balmy 41 degrees that day!)

Played ghosts after Church:

Took my Chatty (seriously, this girl can talk!) to Hobby Lobby:

She touched every.single.item. we walked past in the store.  Every one. 
"This-a-pretty, Mama! This-a-pretty!"
It took a very long time to make it to the scrapbook paper and back to the registers.
(and boy would I love a phone that took better pictures!)

Discovered new hideouts:

and said goodbye to this guy:

 (the car, not the boy, naturally.)

So that we could say a big hello to this beauty:

Thanks January, it was fun!


Teresa said...

Everything is awesome! Happy Day new big car =) said...

nice you finished your painting! good for you

magunn said...

I love this. I'm looking forward to basic months like this again ... the office is showing signs of calming down and coming to order, hopefully soon!

And ... a van? Could that be for any SPECIFIC tiny reason?? :)

Shannon Brown said...

Yay! I'm glad you guys got yourselves a bigger van --I bet you love the extra space. Your daily routine sounds great -- playing and imagining and mess- making. :)

Becca and Kent said...

Allie, Ha. No. Not pregnant. We just know we'll have more kids eventually, and when we do, we'd need a bigger car. This was just the right time to get one.