Thursday, February 6, 2014

messes, exhibit E

Our house is being overrun with golf balls.
We live on a golf course, and I have a son, 
so I suppose it was inevitable.

We have golf balls everywhere.  In the toy bins, the bathroom sink (he washes them), his bedroom, our bedroom, the couch cushions, even in the freezer.  (I have no idea why.)

Nearly every photo I have of my children in our home includes a stray golf ball somewhere.  We should make it a game, kinda like Where's Waldo.

On afternoon, I was doing my 4 pm clean up (I tend to let the house just be until about 4:00 each afternoon, then we all work together and pick up and prep for dinner, Daddy coming home, and the evening ahead) and I reached across the table to pick up a cereal box.

It was heavy.
Unnaturally heavy.

So I looked inside.

Things are never dull around here.


Cory Wood said...

Hopefully those are the ones he washed in the sink.

Shannon b said...

Haha! That is awesome. :)

Teresa said...

Treasure awesome =)