Tuesday, August 14, 2012

something about that y chromosome

Boys and dirt. You just can't keep them apart.  
Nicholas had the time of his little life while we were camping last week.

Kent wasn't able to come with us because he's pretty tight on paid time off at his new job so far.  I was a little worried about camping with just me and the kids, but I knew I'd have plenty of help from all my family.

And it turned out that my kids were awesome.  Seriously.  Happy the whole time.  
They slept great at night.  They played and ate and Ellie even napped as long as she was either in the stroller or in the moby wrap. 
 Throwing rocks into the lake. Always a favorite for boys of all ages.

The Murray family camping trip is basically a family reunion.  Everyone who can make it comes.  We've been camping there every year for as long as I can remember. 
We had four connecting campsites this year, and it was perfect-the kids just ran from camp to camp and we all visited and played. 
At our dutch oven dinner on Tuesday night, we had 66 family members there.  We were only missing 8 or 9 out of the whole family!  My grandma came up for the dinner that night,
and she came again the next day with Aggie ice cream, of course!

 Carrying my sleeping girl as we hiked around the lake.  
It got pretty warm by the end, and I had to strip Ellie down to her undershirt because she was so sweaty.
Oh, and my brother Josh pointed out to me that I had a huge hole in the seat of my pants...
Us Andersen girls hike in style.

 My mom and dad have perfected camping.  Seriously.
I have a theory that the reason most people (women particularly) don't like camping is because they've never been camping with the Murray family.  We eat like kings when we camp, my mom knows exactly what to pack to make things just right and comfortable, and she always brings an entire rubbermaid tote full of goodies like homemade snickerdoodles and banana bread and licorice.
Always licorice and cinnamon bears.
They've got camping all figured out, and we're almost as comfortable camping as we are at home.  
That is, if our air mattresses stay inflated...Mom and Dad didn't have quite as comfortable an experience as some of the rest of us.
Such a fun week. I'm so grateful I live close enough to come camping with my family.

A few memorable quotes:

"But Batman doesn't have wings..."
"Does he look like Andre the Giant did? 'Cause that's a disease."
"We're camping, right??"  
"But, I'm not clean!"  (Nicholas after falling in the dirt...as if he just noticed)
"It was like a tri-tone ethereal weedwhacker."
"This water cooler needs new batteries."

And seriously, next year we've got to try the walking-around-with-the-screen-tent idea.  It would be Epic. With a capital E.


Dallin said...

What is the "walking-around-with-the-screen-tent idea"? Screen as in projector screen or screen as in mosquito net screen?

Becca and Kent said...

bug screen- my parents have a screen tent that they put around their kitchen station. My brother Josh thought it would be hilarious if we corralled all the children (because we had probably 30 people under the age of 12) inside the screen tent and made them carry it by the corner poles and walk around in it.

heidi said...

it looks like it was fun, sorry Kent couldn't come but glad your kids were good anyway. I'm with you, my family knows how to camp, the don't skimp on anything they bring it all, and it's so much fun.