Saturday, August 18, 2012

licorice, peek-a-boo, and a chipmunk

One thing about the way I feed Ellie the same food I'm eating.
If I'm ever eating,
and she's not?
She is NOT happy.  

And when Ellie isn't happy, everyone knows.
She has this pterodactyl screech.

So, she gets lots of vegetables and fruits and grains and meat,
but she also gets to sample treats.
Because if Mommy gets a licorice,
Ellie needs one too!

I know I've told you how much Ellie likes to play peek-a-boo.

But really, this girl loves to cover her head with her blanket,
flap her arms around wildly and breathe really fast for a minute or two,
then pull the blanket off her head and laugh and laugh.  

The best way for me to get her to take a nap while we were camping was for us to strap her into the stroller and take a long slow walk around the campground. Then I'd park the stroller in the shade and let her sleep nearby.  

The morning we were packing up, Ellie was napping in the stroller down by my car.  
I brought a load of blankets down from the tent, and when I got to the stroller there was a chipmunk sitting on Ellie's lap!  She was sound asleep, and she had a chipmunk on her lap.  

I should have taken a picture, 
but my mama-bear instinct was
"Get off my baby, you creature!" and I scared him away.
Maybe next time I'll pull out my camera first.

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Teresa said...

yikes....forest creatures.... glad he didn't take a nibble out of her.