Wednesday, August 22, 2012

glad to have you

Nicholas turned three on Thursday.

I got my first taste of how birthdays are maybe just a little bit kinda stressful as a mom.  

But as Kent took Nicholas upstairs to go to bed that night, 
Nicholas told him that he had
"The best birthday ever."

And as I tucked him into bed he smiled at me and said,
"I'm so glad you're my mommy."

So yeah, totally worth it.

And I'm glad to have you too, Nicholas.
Happy three years old.


Teresa said...

Sweet. Happy day

Shannon b said...

Happy Birthday Nicholas! We have a much-belated little birthday gift we're planning to get into the mail. Someday. ;) Ya, birthdays are a lot of work. That's why I determined early on that friend birthday parties were NOT going to be an every year kind of thing -- holy crazy.

Sounds like he had a great day. And what a good way to end it. :)