Friday, July 20, 2012

naptime rambles

The kids are both napping.
That means that Nicholas will be waking us up around 5:30 or 6 tomorrow morning.  I probably should wake him up...naps aren't such a welcome thing from him lately.
BUT, the house is so quiet,
I think I'm going to let him sleep.
And I'll reread this when I wake up tomorrow morning and let you know if I still feel like this was a good plan.

Ellie is sleeping through the night now.  Hooray!  She sleep-trained super easily.  I don't know why I get so lucky (the girl who seriously did not sleep through the night until I was six years old. YEARS.) But I'm grateful.  And wishing we could have done it earlier.  But she slept in our room (on the floor) her entire life until we moved into this house.  And then I didn't want to train her and mess it up when we went on vacation to California.
But we got back, and we did it,
and now I've been sleeping.

Well, up until the past few nights when Nicholas has been waking up around 2 am with nightmares about Daddy eating his birthday cake or drinking his milk.  ??  Not sure what that is about.   
We finally get Ellie sleep, just in time for Nicholas to go through another no-sleep phase.  Sigh.
But really, I'm okay with it.
You see moms?  We just don't sleep.  I've totally resigned myself to that fact and I'm a much happier woman now that I've stopped trying to sleep.

Ellie is also weaning herself.  She's pretty much just decided that she has better things to do than to nurse.  I tried forcing it for a while, but she just refuses to settle down and eat.  I even tried nursing her in the complete dark of our basement stairwell, but she still would sit up and reach around to find something to play with.

I decided to follow her lead.  She eats mounds of solid food; a normal breakfast for her could be an entire waffle, a whole carton of yogurt, half a banana, and a few slices of cantaloupe.  And she nurses about four times a day is all now.  If she ever seems to need a milk feeding aside from those four,
we have much more success with giving her a bottle to hold on her own.  
It's good,
but I'm just a wee bit sad and startled that my baby is growing up so fast.  What happened here?

Aaaand, she's awake.  Good. I'm ready to go spend some time playing with my squishy baby and pretending like she's just going to be a baby forever.


heidi said...

man seriously i love thinking that they'll be a baby forever!

sadie607 said...

Totally unrelated to your post and your adorable kids, but I love your rug. Where did you get it!? We just moved and I'm a hunt for rugs.