Monday, July 16, 2012

the glories of ksl

 When we told our friends in Texas that we were moving to Utah one of them told us
"Oh now you get to use ksl! You're going to love it!"

I didn't really know what ksl was,
but now, I see how right she was.

Imagine Craigslist, bumped up about a gazillion notches in quality.  It's way more organized, the stuff is SO much better, and usually cheaper too.  It's fantastic.  You can find anything on there--music teachers, jobs, trees, furniture, baby stuff, rentals (it's actually how we found the townhouse we rented), cars, anything!

On Saturday I had a little ksl shopping spree. Saturday morning I found this side table that a lady had refinished to sell.  It's in gorgeous condition, solid wood, and it was only $65!  That's right.  

Saturday night after our neighborhood picnic,
I found this sweet little yellow chair on ksl.  $20.  Also recently refinished.  I put the kids to bed and then jumped in the car to go and pick it up.  

My original idea was to paint it a different color and add it to my dining set. (In the end I want to have a bunch of mismatched chairs all painted the same color. Like such.)  But now that it's here, 
I'm falling in love with this darling yellow chair,
and maybe I won't change it after all.

I keep finding myself just admiring my new furniture.  I think I'm so excited about it mostly
 because it was so cheap, and so cute!  

And so last night, I was browsing ksl again (a favorite pastime lately) and I found 25 foot maple trees-$139.  Going to consult our HOA today and maybe we'll be getting ourselves a nice shade tree for our backyard!


Allison said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! They look amazing!! I miss KSL... glad you found some super cute stuff!

heidi said...

love your cute finds. i love the yellow too!