Monday, July 9, 2012

red trucks

 Nicholas was kind of a stinker when it came to taking his picture on our vacation.  He'd turn away completely and refuse to even pretend to smile,
and no, bribes of candy, ice cream, and the like didn't work.

BUT, put this kid in one of Papa's "red trucks" and the smiles just went on and on.
 Every day we were there we'd take him out for a drive, really slow, around the yard.  Poor Grammer had an allergy fit after the first time she took him-guess all that dried grass and dust weren't kind to her.  So the rest of the vacation, it was me and Kent that got the honor of driving Nicholas around in the red trucks.

I didn't mind, though.  I sure love my little boy.


heidi said...

he is all smiles in the razor's

Teresa said...

The razors are great fun....and it was sweet to see Nicholas excited about them.
Happy day