Monday, May 21, 2012

six months

 Ellie-girl is six months old (almost seven now...).
She's giggly, friendly, adventurous, and still loves her big brother more than anyone else.  
 She's a strong girl.  She wiggles and reaches and she'll lean all the way across my body if there's something she wants to reach.  She sits all the time now without ever falling over,
but she's only rolled over three times.
I think it's because we have hardwood floors in our living room, 
and because she likes to sit so much, I just don't ever put her on her stomach on the floor and she just never gets a chance to learn how to roll.
I'm sure that will change as she gets more chances to be on the floor.
 Ellie is getting snuggly.  When a stranger talks to her, when she's tired, or when she's just really happy, she'll lean her little head into my shoulder and give a contented sigh. 
I love it.
And she's just so squishy and roly that I squeeze and snuggle her all day long.  I love my fat baby!
 Ellie has entered the grabby stage and those little fingers of hers are constantly on the look-out for something to grab.  We have to pay attention to what is in her "grab zone" at all times and make sure there isn't every anything she can't play with.
Just yesterday she found a newspaper in  her grab zone and oh boy did she have fun tossing and wrinkling and tearing that newspaper!
 This is a typical Ellie look.  She has learned to play peek-a-boo, and if there are clothes or blankets in her reach she'll pick them up with both arms and pull it over her head and then wait a minute before taking it off again with a sly smile.  
Sometimes, though, whatever she's playing with gets stuck up there.
Also, notice the cell phone.  No matter where I put it, somehow it always seems to end up in her grab zone.  
 Ellie likes to put her face up against mine, nose to nose, and babble softly and blow raspberries in my face.  She loves to be close, to be squished and squeezed and tickled.  
When she sees me coming she flaps her arms and grins so big I just can't walk past without picking her up and playing for a while!
Enjoying a lunch of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, toast, and tomatoes.  She loves to eat, and I love to feed her.  She gets so excited about her food, laughing in a throaty "heh heh heh" as she gums the carrots and sucks on the bananas.  
We have to bathe her after every meal, but it is so much fun to feed her and watch her discover the new flavors and textures.  She had tomatoes for the first time today, and when she first brought it to her mouth she pulled a face, but then she started munching and sucking on it and she ended up eating almost the whole slice. Amazing.


Mike and Alli said...

Such a cutie. I absolutely adore the arm flap thing. It's like they are little, eager, adorable penguins. :)

heidi said...

She's getting so big and is so cute!