Monday, May 21, 2012

picnic with daddy

Last Wednesday we took a picnic lunch to eat with Daddy. 

It was complete chaos trying to get the lunch ready with Nicholas's "help" and while Ellie was begging to be fed,
but what's a picnic without a little craziness?  

Oh, and that band-aid on my leg?  I'd forgotten about the "owie" that Nicholas insisted I had on my leg that morning.   
Being a mom means always looking awesome when you go out.

During the actual picnic, Ellie was happy to chew on a cucumber and we just barely managed to prevent Nicholas from tipping over his milk three or four times, so,
great success!

The food was pretty good too,
although I severely underestimated how much Kent would like to eat (sorry Love!).  Next time, I'll bring more food, I promise.

Bagel sandwiches, sliced strawberries, cucumbers with ranch, pretzels and laughing cow cheese, grapes, and Coconut Sobe Lifewaters (thank you Shannon for my new addiction).  

It looked like rain, but the weather stayed perfect for our little picnic,
and we had a most splendid time.

Plus, Nicholas fell asleep on the way home and took a nice long nap for me.
Definitely going to do this again.


Creole Wisdom said...

I think you look beautiful, didn't even notice the bandaid. Someday I'll blog about my friend who went on a date and didn't realize she had a giant (you know, knee sized?) bandaid on her shoe the wholllleeee night :)

It must be picnic season. I'm glad you had fun and all activities involve a little craziness. C'est la vie!

Shannon b said...

What a nice treat to meet dad for lunch. :). And I'm glad you love the coconut water! I mean, how could you not?

heidi said...

So cute. Looks like fun!