Friday, May 11, 2012

Grandpa Blain

The best group shot we could manage.  Ellie was ready for a nap,
but Nicholas did not want to go home. He loved it there!
A few Sundays ago we drove out to 
small town Utah to see Kent's grandpa. 

The drive wasn't long,
the weather was beautiful,
and it was exactly the right way to spend our Sunday afternoon.

We visited for a few hours, 
Ellie hit it off with her great-grandpa and loved him right away,
Nicholas warmed up as Grandpa asked him about his hot wheels cars,
and of course we made a number of visits to see the chickens.
 Aaand, Nicholas had no shoes. Cause we're awesome parents who forget things like that.

After a few hours visit, we headed home. The kids both slept in the car and Kent and I got time to talk, uninterrupted. Bliss.
 Another Sunday drive to Grandpa Blain's is definitely on our schedules.


Teresa said...

Sweet- Dad loves visits. Cute pictures...

heidi said...

what an awesome idea to go visit for an afternoon!