Tuesday, March 13, 2012


 Tonight I am in a wishsome, lonesome, miss-some mood.

I know we are in the right place for our family,
and I am glad that we moved here for so many reasons,
and I even knew it would be hard like this.

Tonight, I'm just letting myself feel that.
I've been browsing all my picture folders from the past two years.

Tomorrow we have some neighbors coming over for lunch.  I'm making crepes, and hopefully Nicholas will have fun playing with his new little friend.   

Tonight,  though,
I wish I could go back. 


magunn said...

Have you read Tuesdays with Morrie? This made me think of when he talks about feeling everything ... acknowledging it, letting it engulf you, and then moving on.

I like that. Makes you feel like you're really living life.

Cindy said...

:( This post makes me miss you guys so much. Nicholas and Jayden look so little in that picture. We definitely had some really fun times. Good luck with the crepe making and new friend making!

Lisa Brown said...

I can totally feel your pain. I have had to go through that too many times. There are still things I miss about the places we have lived. When we moved to CO, however, it was the first time I felt right at no and didn't ache for my old home.

Mike and Alli said...

I know. Darn you, Becca! And making me teary eyed on a Wednesday at 3:19.

I hope you have a wonderful time with getting to know your neighbors. You guys are easy to love, for sure. :)

Creole Wisdom said...

Sometimes it's good to feel that way! You had a wonderful life in Texas: great home, friends and so many wonderful experiences. As you put down some exciting new foundations in UT those same experiences will come, too. Chin up :)