Tuesday, March 6, 2012

more Nicholas speaks

Because I don't have anywhere better to record these
(I need to get one of those kid quote books I've seen on amazon)
I'm going to tell you about a few more things that Nicholas said this week.

1.  On Saturday we were at my parents' house.  My mom asked Nicholas if he knew where Sarah was.  He tapped his chin with his finger a few times, "Hmmm," he said, "she's in the closet."  (she was not, she was over at the computer)
Laughing, my mom asked him why Sarah was in the closet.  Without pause, Nicholas said smartly "oh it's just peaceful in there for her."

He'd never used the word peaceful before. I have no idea where he got that idea.  I do not put him in the closet, nor do I spend any time in the closet.
Although, if it really is peaceful in there, perhaps I should.

2.  Tonight we told Nicholas it was time to do Family Home Evening after he finished dinner.  At first he complained "No, I don't want to go night night!"  So we corrected him and said it wasn't bedtime, it was time for Family Home Evening.
His head popped up and he said "Like a party?!"
Well, sort of a party, Bud.

3.  I took the kids to the mall today so I could buy my dress for the Spring Event next month.  As soon as we entered, Nicholas said,
"I'm going to be excited! We need to go see Santa!"
After I managed to explain to him that Santa is only at the mall at Christmastime, he spent the rest of the time telling me that "Santa is going to be in his rocking chair and he goes rock rock and he makes Christmas trees!"

This last one was him being hilarious without actually saying anything.

4. I was nursing Ellie a few days ago while he was watching the Lion King and eating applesauce. I got the chance to watch his face while he was watching.  It was the part in the movie where there's the stampede.  Nicholas has seen that movie many, many times, so he knows what's coming.

During the lead-up to the stampede, his hand froze in front of his face with a spoonful of applesauce. His eyebrows got higher and higher and higher.  As the stampede started and you see the shot of all the wildebeast coming down the cliff, his mouth dropped open, eyebrows up, eyes wide. 
Then, as the stampede continued, Nicholas started to eat his applesauce really fast, shoveling the bites in as if he could save Simba if he just ate fast enough.

It was all I could do to not laugh out loud.  My kid is awesome.


heidi said...

those are all funny! love the line king one.

Teresa said...

He is adorable-
I understand Nicholas thought on a peaceful closet- I kind of like to hide out in mine once in a while...{at least when it is tidy. =)

Lisa Brown said...

I cannot even tell you how much fun you will have reading these years from now, because although you think - there is no way I will forget that - you do.