Thursday, March 8, 2012

four months

I went to a Relief Society dinner tonight, and someone had brought their tiny two-week old baby.
Was Ellie really ever that tiny?
And was that really only four months ago?  Incredible.

Ellie is four months now, fat and happy.
She had a growth spurt a few weeks ago, and her chubs just got chubbier.  Her wrists are now wider than her hands, and her ankle fat nearly engulfs her little feet.  I bought some 3 month size mary jane shoes for her the other day, and her toes didn't even begin to reach the enclosed front of the shoe.  I guess she has small feet?

  She's at the point, though, where she's just so stinking adorable that I can't even contain myself.
I'm constantly squeezing her thighs, nibbling on her cheeks, kissing her fingers...I can't get enough of her!  I thought she was pretty cute when she was born, but goodness-she just gets cuter every day!

She is curious, always looking, watching, paying attention to the people around her.
She is happy.  That's usually the first comment I get about her from strangers--they say something about how she's such a happy, content baby.
And believe me, I'm perfectly aware of how wonderful it is to have an easy baby like her.  She's dreamy.

She doesn't laugh as much as Nicholas did at her age, but when she does laugh it's so much fun-a big belly laugh.

Two weeks ago, she woke up one morning and realized she has a voice.  And suddenly she became a very loud little girl.  She has the most surprising, adorable squeals and exclamations. 
Most of the time, she's content, but if something ever begins to bother her,
she does not hesitate to let us know,
and she isn't quiet about it.

She wiggles her feet around when she "talks," her toes are usually curled up when she's sitting up, and when she lays on her back, she lifts her feet up and wraps her toes around each other like this.

Oh, and the sleeping?

Well, something happened.  My champion sleeper isn't sleeping so much lately.
Today her naps were 15 min, 5 min, 10 min, and 5 min respectively.  And the past week she's been waking up 2 or 3 times a night...
I'm not sure what's going on; I'm trying to get it figured out so we can have our sleep again,
but if it doesn't come back, I can say with complete confidence
I enjoyed every single moment of sleep I did get these past four months.
It was oh so good while it lasted.

When she does sleep, though, she likes to have something on her face.  I often find her with her fingers resting on her nose, or with a blanket on her cheek (and just so you know, she cuddles with those gauzy swaddling blankets--nothing that will smother her.)

She plays with toys now, and
in fact, she gets quite agitated if she drops her ball or if you take a toy away from her.
She's going to be a spunky one, I think.


Teresa said...

Oh my she is sweet- can't wait to hold her.
Happy Day

Libby said...

She is adorable. Love her blue eyes.