Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunday picnic

Sunday was a beautiful day, and now that it is nearing winter, we decided to take advantage of the cooler weather, 
so we took a little picnic of cheese and crackers, a waterbottle, and a sippy cup,
to the park.

We had to take sixteen pictures of me and Nicholas before we got one where he didn't have his mouth full of crackers.  
If you look closely, you can see a cracker in between my fingers...that's why he's laughing, because I swiped his hand away from his mouth quick before he could stuff in another cracker.
He thought it was a game.  Typical.

This take is my favorite.  His little lips are mid-"wow!" as apparently there was something fascinating in that direction.

This park is really neat-with walking trails and picnic areas,
and it kind of sort of almost felt like we were up in a canyon somewhere. 
You know, somewhere that actually has mountains.  

We wanted to take a walk around the park, hoping to see some wildlife (deer, rabbits, lizards, racoons, birds, maybe even a live armadillo) and hoping not to see some other wildlife (skunks, possums, snakes, toads, bugs of unusual size).
But even though it's cooling off here, we only made it around the first bend before we were all sweating,
so we went back home and took a nice Sunday nap instead.
Maybe next month it will be cool enough.


Lisa Brown said...

What a fun day, and I love the cracker thing - so funny!

It is so cold here already, that I am quite jealous of your warm weather. It is going to be hard having a real winter this year after 7 years in nicer climates.

The Tibbitts said...

Cute pictures. Nicholas is growing up so handsome.

Teresa said...

Wow, with the side view of Nicholas you can really see how his hair is growing...cute.