Tuesday, February 16, 2016


January started out with us packing up all our suitcases, totes, Christmas presents, and heading back to our rented condo to wait the last few weeks before our house was finished. 

Packing up suitcases was getting pretty old at this point.
We were so grateful to have found this nice, clean, beautiful condo so close to our new home, but it really wasn't the most baby-friendly place. 
Christian made the best of it, though, trapping himself under the dining chairs several times a day.

We read Bartholomew and the Oobleck one afternoon, and then Sarah, the kids, and I made our own oobleck to play with. 

Nicholas made Ellie "lunch" one afternoon, and he was SO proud of himself. He even washed and sliced the strawberries. 

We spent plenty of time visiting the new house, checking on the progress, and wishing we could just stay there!


On moving day, the kids were so helpful.....
(But notice the little packs of kleenex? Nick got those out and handed one to every person in the house, leaving one on the windowsill for Kent and I.)
Nick also arranged the canned food in the pantry for me, even writing on a post-it note "Nick did this," so I'd know who to thank. 

January had so much snow. And fog. And more snow. And more fog.
There were too many days in a row that I couldn't see anything but white outside our windows.

Nick was thrilled to ride the bus for the first time.
He walks to the bus stop with our sweet little neighbor girl, who is also in his class at school. 

I'd heard about apple cider vinegar and how good it is for you, 
this last month I've given it a try.
I'm not sure if it's doing much for me, but the taste has grown on me--I put a tablespoon or so into a glass of juice each morning, and I love it!
Found matching shirts for my boys. 

One of my favorite parts of January? 
Sending the kids out to play in our new HUGE yard. They went sledding almost every day out here, and if there was no other reason that we moved, having space for them to play outside is worth it all.


Teresa said...

Loved seeing the progress and man you have a lot of white outside =)
I love white...but wow! Again you have a beautiful view! Happy Day

Savanah said...

I'm so happy you finally get to be in your home! Your kids are going to love that backyard through all the seasons!!