Thursday, July 9, 2015

favorite hits #1: the canyon

 Because we're moving,
I thought we should take this summer to do our most favorite things in the area again,
take pictures, and record a little bit about what our lives have been like while living here.

So, our favorite hits.
First off, the canyon.  We've been so lucky to live so super close to the mountains in this home. We can make dinner, pop it in some tupperware, jump in the car,
and be at a picnic site in the mountains while the food is still warm.

It's been a perfect place to get together with friends, build a nice campfire, and roast s'mores while the kids play and explore in the dirt.

I think my favorite memories are of our autumn drives.
The canyon is glorious in the fall.
We take snacks--apples, crackers, pudding,
and pull off the side of the road, sit in the back of the van, and eat pudding while we look over the valleys and marvel at the colors.

We went up again last week with some of our newest friends from this neighborhood.

It was HOT. 98 degrees there at our picnic site. And we didn't get to bring a picnic dinner because we had a showing that night so instead of cooking I was cleaning.
We grabbed Kneaders on our way up and had a makeshift picnic while we dripped in sweat.

I think this favorite hit deserves another chance before summer is over.....hopefully on a night a little less sweltering.

But, we had fun anyway--the kids threw rocks and dipped their toes in the river, and we had fun chatting and getting to know our new friends a little better.

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