Tuesday, July 28, 2015

camper # 2

 The easiest, happiest camper award goes to 
my Bubs. 

Seriously, guys,
Christian was stellar.  He napped in the Ergo carrier, slept just as well as he does at home (which isn't great, admittedly... we're working on it), and never made a fuss.  He loved staring at the trees, endless snuggles, watching the fire as the sun went down, and always being close to Mama.

But really, he's always a dream baby. It's like he got out ALL his tears in those first five weeks, and now? Nothing left to feel but happy.


 But still happy.

Camping with a baby was a lot of work,
but I don't think I could've had it any better.

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Teresa said...

Oh my goodness he is adorable...miss him so.