Sunday, May 24, 2015


Christian Blain Andersen.
We blessed him at Church last Sunday.

Kent always does an amazing job with blessing our babies. They are some of the sweetest moments of my life as a mother.
Christian was blessed that he will be strong, that his faith will be a lighthouse to others, and that he'll be loyal and true to his faith throughout his life.

We were so happy to have some of our family join us to celebrate our sweet boy.
 Kent's parents, Dan and Teresa
 Mason, Jessica, and sweet little Alene came too--we got to spend a few days with them, so fun!

 My Grandpa and Grandma drove all the way up from Southern Utah.
I love Ellie's darling snuggle with Christian.

 And all the men who joined in the circle for the blessing.
Kent's dad and brother didn't know we were supposed to take more pictures still....

 My sweet boy. For all three kids we've used the white blanket that Kent was brought home from the hospital in when he was born.

 Christian snuggled with my Grandpa while we ate our lunch.

Kent's parents were only here for just that day, because we were heading to their house the next week,
but it meant so much to us that they made the trip for Christian!

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