Sunday, January 26, 2014

messes, exhibit C

During Ellie's nap a few days ago, Nicholas got creative with the bowtie pasta he found in the pantry. (This was following mess, exhibit A.)

He lined them all up, along with a plastic spoon he split down the middle and one of Ellie's hair bows.  
Then he scattered elbow noodles across the tile opposite the bowtie pasta ranks.

Two teams, Mama.  You be on my team and we'll get those bad guys.

Did you know that when you take a bowtie noodle and press the edge of it against a hard surface, the spikes fly off in every direction?  Kind of like shooting?  

I didn't either.  
That's why I adore having a son.  Boys are so much fun.  

I love both of my children equally, but the way I love my girl does feel different from the way I love my boy.  
Equal amounts of love, but love that is unique and personal.  

And this kid? I fell hard for him as soon as I met him, and I love him more and more each day 
or rather, most days.  Some days end with me peeking in on my sleeping boy and being relieved to know that I'll love him better tomorrow.  
The days we have noodle battles on a quiet afternoon are the kind of days 
my love for him grows the most.

Even if it means making one of our glorious messes.
Maybe because of the glorious mess.

And in case you need a visual on how to shoot with noodles, here's a quick video,
complete with sound effects, silly faces, and made up words ("grat" and "zchoom.")


Creole Wisdom said...

My gosh how cute! I love the way his brain works :) And I think I spy some Annie's mac and cheese? If so, yum! said...

you are such a patient mommy..I would have not been so patient..sounds like a lock on the pantry door would be in order at least that is just me

Savanah said...

I love your messes series! That's a fun idea to just embrace the every day! You are a fabulous mommy!

Lisa Brown said...

Ahh, little boys and messes :). Arthur is already leaving his piles of things everywhere, like Derek used to do.