Monday, January 20, 2014

fresh walls

Not only are my ceilings almost completely painted, but now my walls are too.  
Josh and Alicia have been helping.  
Because it has taken me over seven months to paint the ceiling,  (wow. That sounds awful.  What do I do with my life??) and the thought of doing the walls on my own was just too daunting.

We've finished the living room dining room, kitchen, and most of the hall and bathroom.  It looks fantastic. So fresh and bright and open.  
We had a beautifully sun-soaked main floor anyway, but the new paint colors and the white on the ceiling have really brought in that natural light even more.  
I love it.

We're going from a main floor that looks like this:

 To this:

And here's the true contrast between painted and original:
We've had the carpet people come out and give us the estimate; now we're just trying to decide between our two favorite carpets.  I think I might actually sleep on the floor once that carpet is here.  

And I'm not a girl who does well sleeping on the floor. 

Interesting family fact you probably don't know:  Kent actually will ask me every so often if he can sleep on the floor. I like having him in bed next to me.  He sleeps best sprawled out on the ground.  


Lisa Brown said...

What a difference some paint makes :). Love it!

Savanah said...

What a beautiful home!

Creole Wisdom said...

Beds are way better than the floor! Crazy Kent :)

I don't blame you for taking 7 months to paint a ceiling. It took my nearly a year to paint a few little screws white on my open shelving.

The paint looks great!

magunn said...

Hehe I loved your interesting fact at the end. Mark has told me repeatedly that we should have separate beds and can hold hands across the aisle between them.

But I'm kinda selfish and sleep better WITH him, sooo .... here's to hoping it never happens.