Friday, August 23, 2013

the Wilcox visit

Asher, Jayden, Nicholas and Ellie

Several months ago I got a message from Cindy (their blog here), some of our greatest bestest friends from Texas. 
They were coming to Utah!  For a wedding! On the 20th (same as my brother's)!  

So of course we had to have them come see us.
We had a teeny tiny open spot in our weekend, from Saturday night until Sunday night, 
so they came.  They stayed at our house, and we had so much fun.
These are the kind of friends that we'll have forever. No matter how long it has been since we saw them last, we can still stay up late, eating ice cream, just talking and laughing.

On Sunday they came to Church with us, had a quick pancake lunch, took a little drive into the canyon to throw rocks in the river, and then came home for a roast and mashed potatoes dinner.  

They didn't get to stay long, but we were so glad they got to come see us and our home here.  And I'm always happy to have my "we'll probably never see you guys again" fear from when we left Texas proved wrong. 


Cindy said...

Oh... You're so sweet! And it's so true. Even after all this time, it feels like we hang out on a regular basis. Thanks for letting us crash the crazy wedding party. Hopefully we'll see you again ;)

Dallin said...

We're still talking about that roast and mashed potatoes, yum! Thanks again for the good time and great hospitality.