Monday, August 12, 2013

grammer and papa's visit

The week of the 24th of July, Kent's parents came to visit us.
The kids loved having them here.  Every time Kent's dad would come back from running errands or whatever, Ellie would run to the door yelling "PAPA!" and jump into his arms for a big snuggle.

It's so lovely to have visitors.
A few highlights:

The Pioneer Day Festival
 The hand-crank siren on this antique fire truck was too loud for Nicholas. (what isn't too loud?)
The festival was so fun-pioneer cabins and demonstrations and indian teepees and contests-we're definitely going back next year!

Later that afternoon, the kiddos ate out of watermelon bowls while Kent and his dad built us a sandbox!

The finished product.   We are loving it.  Our favorite game so far?  Building sand castles and shooting them down with the nerf gun.

And speaking of nerf gun...
Grammer helped Nicholas do this one afternoon:
 Every so often I catch him trying to do this by himself again.   Crazy crazy boy.

 As a belated birthday present, Kent's dad bought him what he's been wanting for years.
A supersac lovesac.   Perfect for Kent's movie room.

We also took Kent's parents up into the canyon for a picnic, Teresa and I went quilt shopping for her new cabin, did fireworks in the park for the 24th of July (while the kids and I sat in the car and Nicholas screamed--fireworks are too loud, of course), ate at the waffle truck, and went to Kent's cousin's wedding.

Thanks so much for coming, Mom and Dad! We had the best week!

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Teresa said...

We always enjoy being around the kids...and your home is so welcoming.
Happy Day!