Sunday, June 9, 2013

the good news game, and oreos

We're at the beach.  We came for Kent's brother's wedding, and we're staying a few days longer to have a mini family beach vacation.
Getting here was an adventure; our travels with children are vastly different than our travels last month sans-kids.

But instead of talking about how hard it was, I'm going to play the "good news game."  I made this game up on Friday morning as we sat in the airport.

The good news is that the stomach flu Ellie and I caught only lasted about seven hours.  
The good news is that Nicholas managed to survive driving in the very stinky van (from Ellie's throwing up) without throwing up himself.  Our return to the van once we're back will be a greater challenge, however, since it has been baking in the hot summer sun in the parking lot all week...
The good news is they did eventually let us get on the plane even though we forgot to bring proof that Ellie is still under 2.
The good news is that we made it onto the plane just two minutes before they closed the doors.
The good news is that I managed to breathe deeply and take slow sips of cold water and did not throw up on the plane.  Hey, the great news is that none of us threw up on the plane.
The good news is that the flight from Salt Lake to LA is only 1 hour and 45 minutes long, and our kids were excellent.
The good news is that we have enough fruit snacks and DVD's to keep Ellie almost happy as we navigate this crazy traffic.
The good news is that Ellie has slept fine these two nights even though she got over the stomach bug and then caught croup.
Oh, and the good news is that now I know that if Ellie says "diaper" while she's in the bathtub, it means I should get her out of the tub immediately and maybe try having her sit on the potty for a few minutes before I place her back in the water.  The good news is that I just happened to buy a package of clorox wipes at the grocery store last night.

The good news is we're here as a family, we have a beach, and we have Oreos.

Give this girl and Oreo and she shouts it:  "OREOOO!"  
Then she pulls it apart, scrapes off the frosting with her fingernails and licks it all up, along with a healthy dose of sand.

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magunn said...

Ha! I love this. It's all about perspective, right?!

Hope the beaches aren't too cold ... June is known for gloom around here! If you can skip afternoon naps, you'll have the best chance of catching some rays. :)

Hope California treats you alright. Though the traffic is nuts, just nose your way in and they'll make room.