Sunday, June 16, 2013

father's day 2013-their daddy

My yearly interview with Nicholas. 
(Hopefully by next year Ellie will be able to join in too.  Right now all of her answers would be "yeah.")

Nicholas: I have something very important to say.  TISSUES!  

Me: What's Daddy's favorite color?
Nicholas: Daddy's favorite color is orange because he's a boy.

What's Daddy's favorite food?
Uh, chicken.  He likes to eat carrots, and guacamole and chips.

What does Daddy always say?
Happy Birthday to you!

What do you like to do with Daddy?
To get on his tummy!

What makes daddy laugh?
Nothing makes him laugh. 
Only two things-me sitting on his tummy, and me sitting on a birthday cake.

What does Daddy do at work?
Get in the shower.

How old is Daddy?  
I don't want to guess.

How does Daddy drive?
Vroom vroom vroom! (Making crazy steering motions with his hands.) And then he turns that way.

What is Daddy good at?
Eating at the table.

What does Daddy love?
He loves me.

Why do you love Daddy?
Because he is my favorite Dad.   Oooh actually I only like you, Mommy, because you don't tickle me or eat me like Daddy.

What is one special thing you and Daddy do together?
Um, Daddy likes eating me.  (Then he demonstrates eating my side.)

Happy Father's Day, Kent-you are exactly the kind of daddy I always wanted for my children.  You are thoughtful, diligent, fun, and you take care of us all and I love you for it.

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Chandler Family said...

What a cute idea your questions are! The answers are priceless! I love reading your blog. I feel like we are in the same phase of life so it is nice to know that there is someone else that can't get her garden weeded, keep her house clean, or entertain both needy kids. Thanks for sharing! And yes, come up to HuHot, I love that you comment on my blog! :)