Wednesday, September 12, 2012

pictures on the car

Last week I was hauling food I'd bought at the case lot sale down to my storage room in the basement.  I took the last load down, came back upstairs,
and heard the garage door close.
And then Nicholas declared,

"Mom! I put my pictures on the car!"

And I had that feeling--the pit in your stomach, oh-no-what-has-he-done feeling.  Had he colored on the car? Drawn on it with crayons?  Scratched a picture into it with my keys?!  I walked slowly to the garage, trying to think already of how I was going to call Kent and tell him what had happened while I wasn't watching Nicholas for the 45 seconds it takes to put food downstairs.
"yeah, so Kent? Well Nicholas, um, he drew on the car..."

But no,
Nicholas was telling the literal truth.
He'd PUT his pictures on the car.

 With magnets.

 What in the heck made him think of this??
How did he even decide to take a picture and a magnet out to the garage and see if it would stick on the car?
I'm completely blown away by the logic that led to this discovery, (I mean, I didn't even know a magnet would stick to a car,)
and completely grateful he didn't decide to take a pen or marker to it.
Love my crazy little dude.


Teresa said...

Holy it...but I too am glad he did color the van.

Teresa said...

Did Not! color the van =)

Cindy said...

That's so fun! Very impressive and oh my word he looks so grown up!

Shannon b said...

Cute story!

And I took advantage of that case lot sale too -- LOTS of food is sitting in our storage unit right now, waiting for a house to put it in