Tuesday, September 11, 2012

for now home tour: kitchen

Our kitchen hasn't changed much since we moved in--I still have high hopes of painting these cupboards white someday-the wood is pretty but just not "me."

Things to be done:
-Start with putting white beadboard up on that blank spot beneath the island-right there in the front on the bottom
-barstools?  We're still not sure if we want them or not.
-Paint walls and ceiling
-Paint cupboards white, then paint the pantry door a fun accent color
-Curtains on windows

 I was very happy that my little windowsill birds didn't get lost in the move after all.
They were in the box I clearly remember packing them in...
and then we placed that box inside the deep freezer.
Yes, the freezer.
I'm not sure why we put them there,
and I completely forgot that we had,
 so when we moved to Utah and our freezer was in the storage unit,
I thought we'd lost the box with my windowsill birds (and that fun little rooster from Kent's mission to Portugal.)

But we hadn't! And when we finally got our freezer out and plugged it in and opened it--voila! There was my box!

I feel like my windowsill birds have become my little kitchen friends, and I'm pretty glad to have them back again.
 Found this little white picket fence basket in my un-used decorations box one day. I keep all my soaps and scrubbers in it next to the sink.
 Things to be done:
-Put the cupboard door back on. The screw just fell apart one day and the door fell off. And of course it's a weird size screw that we keep forgetting to take to match when we go to Lowes.
-Find a cute chair to put at the desk spot so I can utilize it for my laptop.

 And here's something we actually have crossed off our to-do list: replace chandelier!
Because I just don't think sometimes, I didn't get a good "before" picture,
so here's one from the background of another shot:

Nice light fixture--just not my style. Too scrolly and frilly.
I love my new one.

Ellie likes it too.

Ellie is hungry and she ate all the food on her tray.
She's licking the strawberry juice up.
I think I'd better go get her some more food now.

Next time in the for now home tour:  Kid's rooms.


heidi said...

love your kitchen everything you mentioned sounds like it will look awesome!

Creole Wisdom said...

oooo! This is going to be so fun for you! I think painting the cabinets will make a huge difference. Bar stools are not my favorite either, I fell off one once as a kid and they kind of make me nervous. My dad has them and loves them though, his are leather.

The new light fixture is so elegant and classic, talk about an upgrade.

Glad your birds weren't lost after all :)

Shannon b said...

very pretty light fixture! I'm with you, I don't like things that are too scrolly. I love your idea to paint the pantry door a fun accent color. That will look really nice.