Wednesday, April 18, 2012

okay, I think it's actually final this time

This is where we are going to live.
It's in the same small town we're living in right now,
which surprises me.
I thought we'd live closer to Salt Lake, closer to shopping and restaurants and things like that.

But when it comes down to it,
We feel like this is a better place to raise our children.
And that is what matters most.

And maybe I'll spend less money if I have to drive farther to get to the shopping.

 It's a big lot,
almost half an acre.

It backs up to a little canal, and there's a farm driveway next to it, which will give us some privacy.
We'll be putting a fence up first thing, though, to keep my little babies from finding their way into the canal.  Water scares me.

It's a beautiful area.  I drove down there on Sunday morning to visit the ward,
and the sun was coming up over the mountains
with sun rays shining through the clouds.   Breathtaking.

The ward is quite old, mostly retired doctors and people like that,
but there are a lot of empty lots still and I'm sure that families will be moving in.
And there are lots of kids in the neighborhood, just out of our ward boundaries,
so I'm sure we'll meet lots of people and kids in the area.
Tonight Kent and I are going to "the design center" for our builder.
It's open on Wednesdays for you to walk through on your own,
which is a very good thing.
When we have our actual appointment, we only have
"a generous two-hour time slot" to make every decision for our home.

We're the kind of people who spend hours and hours in Lowe's just trying to pick a tile color.
Two hours? Every single decision for our home? Ha.

Tonight we'll be taking our list of things we want and we'll get to figure out what we can and can't afford and we'll see what some of their options are.
I'm pretty excited!


Mariley Johnson said...

Sounds exciting! It's beautiful there!

Chandler Family said...

Sounds like a fun adventure! Beautiful area too!