Monday, April 16, 2012

little mercies

I got hand, foot, and mouth too.
Today I have had chills, aches, fever, sore throat.

But there are a few little things I am so grateful for.
 It was a beautiful Spring day,
Nicholas played in our backyard all by himself for a couple of hours, happy and without needing me.

Tylenol.  Seriously, where can I find the person who invented this?  I want to send them a big thank-you gift basket.

The contagious period of hand foot and mouth lasts 7-10 days.  Today is exactly 10 days away from when I leave for California for the Spring Event.  So glad I won't have to miss it!

Ellie has learned to sit up.
This is my favorite stage of all.  When they can sit and just be happy, chewing on a lid or crinkling a paper endlessly.
It's the best.

The kids were happy and cooperative all day long.  It's rare to have a whole day where they are happy like this.

Kent came home from work early to help out.

Both kids took a three-hour nap, at the same time!
That is unheard of,
and such a mercy. I slept almost the whole time.
And these blossoms.
They smell heavenly.  Right outside our front door.
Maybe life is hard,
but it's good too.


Teresa said...

Beautiful blossoms- I even see a little lady bug on one of the glad you are doing better....Hugs

Shannon b said...

Such BEAUTIFUL flowers! And what a blessing tender mercies can be. Get better soon!

Lisa Brown said...

So sorry!! Being sick is the worst, especially for the mom.