Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas at Temple Square

It is so great to be living here.  
We were able to meet up with my family in Salt Lake on Thursday night
so we could see the lights at Temple Square.
Nicholas had the time of his life--  
"ho ho lights," uncles and aunt and grandma and grandpa, gingerbread cookies from Deseret Book (their gingerbread factory window display is awesome!), a train ride (the TRAX in Salt Lake), and pizza and a pool party at the hotel my family stayed in.  What a night!

It was a chilly night,
but I think out of all of us, Ellie stayed the warmest in her bundle in the stroller.
She was just too cute with her little face peeking out from all the blankets.

We rode the elevator to the top of the Joseph Smith building to look at the lights from up there.  
This is Nicholas giving his "gangster pose."
Wonder where he learned it from?

He was thrilled to be on the train. 
When I asked him if he wanted to ride the train with Grandma and Grandpa, I was going to follow it with "or come in the car with Mommy and Daddy?" but as soon as I said the word train, his eyes lit up, and I knew what his answer was going to be.
It was such a fun night!

Merry Christmas!


Lisa Brown said...

How fun! My kids loved seeing the lights last year :).

heidi said...

beautiful! i love temple square with all the lights.