Sunday, October 16, 2011


The hospital bags are packed in the car, 
we've been keeping the house spotless in case we have to head to the hospital without prepping the house for showings,
which means we've been doing way too much eating out for my taste,
and we've been able to spend the past four days just hanging out, doing as many fun things with Nicholas as we can before his baby sister is born.

Last night we got a chance to go out with some friends to visit a pumpkin patch.

 Nicholas had the time of his life, running wildly between the rows of pumpkins,
picking up sticks and "marching" with them,
and pointing out all his favorite pumpkins--the uglier and bumpier the better for our boy.
This black pumpkin, for example, was one of his very favorites.

Just carrying around a pumpkin, and a baby girl that really should decide to get here soon!
Nicholas got a little tired of the picture taking idea.  
I have a feeling he is going to be just like his dad (and his dad's brothers for that matter) when it comes to taking pictures.
We were snapping to get their attention and Nicholas tried to help us by snapping at his friend.
 After we purchased our pumpkins, we went to their house to paint them, carve them, 
eat delicious (and perfectly warm) chocolate chip pumpkin cookies,
and enjoy butterscotch steamed milk.

It was the perfect last evening before the baby comes (hint, hint baby girl!)


Teresa said...

I love a good pumpkin search....cute pictures.

Katy said...

So glad we could play with you guys(and that you appreciate Micah's very specific and methodical reheating of cookies)! Hope that little one decides to come soon!

Lisa Brown said...

Just got caught up on your blog. I can see why you are so sad to leave your house and friends. We have been there so many times, i feel your pain. Thank goodness for blogs and facebook for keeping in touch though, as when Kevin and I first began the moving around the country game, I was lucky to get a Christmas card and arandom phonecall when we would move away from firends. Change is always hard, but it is also wonderful and rewarding - it just takes work to find the rewarding parts some times :).