Thursday, October 13, 2011

a day in the life

 Very very soon  (yesterday my midwife checked me--I'm already dilated to a 5 1/2--now we play the waiting game) 
very soon my daily routine with Nicholas is going to be very different.
I don't want to forget how life goes right now.

7:30 am.  Wake up, knock on the door and call for Mommy or Daddy until they come let me out.  I still haven't learned how to open doors, and Mommy is very happy about that.

7:35 am.  Say a chipper "good morning!" to my parents as they lay in bed, then I have to let them know that I want to go "upstairs" (downstairs) and "Watch Ponyo!"

7:37 am. Mom can't take my repetition any longer, she asks if I'm okay with watching something, anything other than Ponyo, and we jump out of bed and go downstairs, with my blanket spread perfectly flat across mom's front ("open it!") so I can lay my head on it while she carries me down. She tries to make me walk down the stairs myself, but I beg her to let me "hug a mommy!" until she gives in.

"My see it!"  When Mom is getting food ready I pull the chair over so I can see what she's doing on the counter.
7:40 am.  Mom starts my breakfast of cereal.  If it's Marshmallow Matey's I'll proceed to eat five more bowls of it.  She turns on a show, and Daddy gets ready for work.

8:10 am.  We say prayers, I wave goodbye to Daddy as he leaves and make sure to tell him "I love you bunches!"  
8:15 am.  I watch one more show (with more cereal please!) while Mom showers.
9:00 am.  When my show finishes, I wait for Mom to finish getting ready and I "sleep" on the stairs, stretching my legs way out.  I do this a lot.

 9:00-9:25 am.  Mom waits for me to come and get dressed while I run around and act silly. 
 9:27 am.  Once I'm dressed, I ask Mom if I can "please pig on my head?"  (watch youtube videos of the Laurie Berkner band--they have a song called Pig on Her Head.)
  Mom does her computer work while I watch videos on youtube.

 10:15 am.  I help Mom with a few chores and then she gets to work organizing the kitchen cupboards while I come up with various ways to keep myself entertained.
Singing songs with my music toy and the car charger for Dad's phone.

"Mowing the lawn" with the swiffer mop, enjoying a sucker, and using the spray bottle to help "clean" the patio furniture.
Taking apart a stack of post-it notes when Mom is busy with the kitchen drawers.

12:30 pm.  Mom and I get in the car and go eat lunch with Dad at his work. After we park the car, we walk towards the building and I start to shout "Hi Daddy!" before I can even see him.  When I see him around the corner I run to him and then I chatter away to him the whole time we're there.

 1:45 pm- 5 pm.  I fall asleep in the car on the way home and take a nice long nap.  Some days I don't take a nap at all anymore, but the days that I do I still sleep for a long time.

5:00 pm.  I wake up to find that Daddy's already home!  We have to work on the house a little bit more because we are trying to get it ready to be sold.

6:30 pm.  We sit down at the table together and eat dinner. I don't want to eat the casserole Mom made, so I eat noodles with pasta sauce.

 7:30-8:00 pm.  We start my bedtime with reading books with Daddy, then I take a bath.
 8:00-8:30 pm. Daddy and I get really silly while Mom is trying to get my pajamas on.  I finally get dressed, we read out of my picture scripture book, say a prayer, and then Mom sings songs to me before I fall asleep.
I tell Mommy and Daddy how much I love them, and they leave, making sure to leave the door "like this!" open just a crack.


Savanah said...

What a darling post! I loved the one-child-routine! But having two...though busier, is equally as wonderful! Good luck, I am so excited for you to meet your little girl! I hope all goes well.

Teresa said...

Wonderful fun day all alone with Nicholas.....he will seem so big when you bring his little sister home.
Try to rest as much as possible...=)

Mariley Johnson said...

What a good thing to remember. It's such a tender feeling thinking about never having them as your baby. And then the new one comes along and you forget all about it (it's a good thing) and you can't remeber life being any different. Good luck. We'll be waiting for your call (or email).

Mike and Alli said...

What a great day for a little boy to have. Your kids are very blessed. :)