Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tony Grove

We went camping last week,
but a couple of weeks before, when Josh and Alicia were visiting from Vegas and Sarah was home for the week, we took a day to go to Tony Grove.
Because it's our favorite place in the whole wide world.
It was beautiful. So green. And the wildflowers were to die for.

Being up there for the day just made me so excited to come back and stay. I truly cannot think of a place that brings more peace to my soul. 

As we packed up that morning for the day, 
I didn't bring my kids' swimsuits or swim diapers, because I thought it would be too cold and Christian wouldn't want to get in the water.


When we came up over the bank from the parking lot and Christian saw the lake for the first time,
he stood still (!) and his mouth dropped open and he said the sweetest little breathy
Then he looked to the left.
Then he looked to the right.

Then he took off running into the water.
After standing in the water for a few minutes,
he plopped himself down and sat.
In that icy cold mountain lake.
Then he started to scoot on his bum.
Inching farther and farther into the deep.
He didn't stop. He just kept scooting,
until the water was up to his chin.

That's when I intervened and attempted to bring him closer to shore.
He didn't love that plan.

Also? What in the world did our own mothers do without swim diapers? These absorbent monster diapers are ridiculous!
For camping the next week, I definitely came prepared for some serious time in the water with this munchkin.


plpamlee@gmail.com said...

So cute..he is quite the adventurer

plpamlee@gmail.com said...

So cute..he is quite the adventurer

Teresa said...

Cute....your "Mothers" probably let them go all natural... kind of what we did. smile

Becca and Kent said...

I totally thought about that, but I was afraid of him falling on the rocks and hurting little parts!

Becca and Kent said...
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