Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Sometimes, as the day goes by, 
I find myself wondering how I ever kept myself entertained
before I was a mother.

My children are darling and sweet and good and smart

In the most delightful ways.

I don't want to forget some of these quirks.

often yells in his sleep
also sleepwalks
anything that is broken, missing, or dead was suddenly his "Very most favorite!" in the whole world, worthy of much wailing and tears.
Loves to get his hair cut, as long as it's not me that's cutting it---
creates sock "nests" (groupings of four or more balled-up socks) behind the bathroom door
uses a fork to eat peas. Refuses to use a spoon.
pronounces "piano" as "plano" and "basket" as "bastick"
Is a terrible liar. Wiggles his tongue around inside his cheek and can't hold back a smile while he tries to lie to me.
Loves to write notes and cards for people
Believes that any home with a Wii is the best house ever. (aka, not our house....)

often asks for a cheese and tomato sandwich for breakfast
sings to herself all day long
requires me to put her tights on inside out so she can't feel the seams
Hates the wind
forgets that she likes chicken Every. Single. Time. I serve it to her. Until she takes the first bite and remembers "chicken is the best in my tummy!"
spends a surprising amount of time frolicking. For reals.
too often uses her toothbrush to scrub the bathroom sink
takes off her pants (and sometimes more) before buckling herself into her carseat
likes me to put her hair into "piglets"

is terrified of kittens
needs about 4 hours of cuddling a day
names every character in her games "Ella."
once stuck a straw into the closet and blew into it, claiming she was adding more air to it.

does not say "mama," "dada," "ball," "milk," "dog," "cat," or "hi." But he does say "spider," "outside," "shoes," "train," "thank-you," "tickle," "fish," "cheese," and "delicious." I'm not even kidding.
Throws things into the bathtub or down the stairs, over the safety gate, and isn't upset at all that he cannot reach them. Just looks at them for a second and then walks away.
is a total water-magnet. ANY amount of water, even the teeniest puddle, MUST be played in.
closes himself into our rooms and then patiently knocks until we let him out
has zero interest in staying near me. My other two were glued to my hips at all times. This kid will wander across five acres without looking back.
spins in circles and falls down just for the fun of it.
knows exactly which bite of food he wants on his fork, but can't get it on by himself
comes running when he hears the phone ring--he wants to talk--he'll jabber away as if he is answering and having a real conversation
brings us our shoes several times throughout the day

and slobbers. a lot. so much so that teeny doll plates can get stuck on his chin.

Moral of the story? My life is awesome. And crazy. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Teresa said...

yes your life is awesome...cute!