Monday, January 11, 2016

November, part 1

November, before the move:

 I took 8-month pictures of Christian.
It all started well, 
 But ended up more like this....

 Crawling babies make picture-taking a challenge.

Nicholas got the stomach flu just five days before the move....and I prayed no one else would catch it. No one did.

 I got creative in my methods of keeping my crawling baby contained while I packed:

 And the mentioned crawling baby found a discarded dum-dum one of his siblings left behind....

Christian attempted to figure out how to use a sippy cup.

 You'll figure it out eventually, bud.

I took pictures of my beautiful niece Avery in her blessing dress:

Nicholas's school had a reading and writing challenge the week before we left. He had to write stories about being in space.
This picture-I'm not sure I can handle the adorableness. All! The! Exclamation! Points!

We had a few final playdates with some of our dearest friends.

And the children made boxes fun: 
 (The smirnoff box was donated from a neighbor who got it from the grocery store....I have to admit I felt a little strange...but not as strange as I will when my new neighbors help us move in! Ha!)

We enjoyed one last snowfall with our golf-course view.

And a late afternoon break in the clouds gave me another glimpse at my most favorite type of sunset lighting:

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