Monday, January 26, 2015

he's home, we're home

Kent just got back last night from an almost 3-week long trip to Romania and Paris for work. We spent those three weeks at my parents' house.

Just a few days before he left, we found out that my body is a little too excited about having this baby, and getting ready for labor too soon. 
I had a couple of visits to the hospital to try and figure out what was going on, some tests were done, and we were given a 99.2% positive the baby would NOT be born over the next two weeks, so Kent was clear to go.
It was an intense couple of days for me emotionally, not knowing what was going to happen, and knowing Kent was going to the other side of the world,
but I now believe that Heavenly Father gives special attention and closeness to the mothers who are helping to create His children.
Prayers were answered, immediately, every single time. Assurances were given, and we feel completely confident that our little guy is going to stay put for several more weeks while he grows bigger and stronger. 

Even still, my doctors and I felt it was wise for me to head up to my parents' house to stay while Kent was gone. And it was fantastic. My family is wonderful-I had so much help with the kids, got lots of rest, and I'm feeling much better now.

We missed Kent, but we made the best of it,
spending our days pajama-lounging, scooter-riding, reading, sledding, playing with the uncles, visiting my Grandma Murray, 
eating waffles (Nicholas ate TEN for breakfast one morning...), crafting and sewing things to get ready for baby.

It's been a crazy month, 
and we're so glad to be back home together. 
The kids have each given Kent about 40 hugs this morning, 
and maybe I have too. We sure like having him around.


Teresa said...

So glad everything turned out great and that Kent is now home and super thankful you have your Mom close by to help...what a blessing.
Happy Day!

heidi said...

glad you are feeling better and a little more rested. and yay for everyone being home!

Savanah said...

Oh Becca! I feel for you! Zac was gone just before our baby was born and due to be gone again on our due date, those types of things are so hard on emotions when you're pregnant!! I'm so glad you had the help of your family! And I'm so so glad that baby boy is staying in to keep growing for a bit longer! I'm glad you made it through! Good luck with the final stretch of pregnancy!!

Shantillylace said...

Just got myself caught up on your blog! Love it! Your kiddos are so cute! Your house it cute! I so wish that we were closer so we could hang out more often!!

Creole Wisdom said...

Glad everything is okay! I love how God is so faithful to those in need... especially expecting moms :) And I'm so happy you were able to stay at your parent's home. There is nothing like being home and having your mom around.