Tuesday, November 26, 2013

it's a great day in the forest

On Friday, at great risk of another throwing-up-in-the-car experience
(Nicholas had a six-day stomach bug and threw up yet again that Thursday night)
we tossed the kids in the car at 3 am
and drove to California to spend Thanksgiving with our family.

We covered every surface in the car with towels and placed buckets on every side of Nicholas, just in case, and then we made the twelve-hour drive.

The first night here we spent at the cabin.

Teresa has this magical way of making every place she lives in one of those
beautiful, "feels like it's been my home forever" kind of places
even the first time you've ever seen it.
 The cabin is no exception.
It is incredibly cozy.  Nostalgic.  Perfect.
 The kids were overjoyed to be out of the car.
Our gps took us on this gorgeous, windy mountain road. Icy mountain lakes, towering sequoia trees, fern-covered forest floors, beautiful.

Two hours of switchback roads.

Apparently both our children have inherited Kent's car sickness gene.
Poor kids were crying and saying they felt "yucky" the last hour and a half of the drive.
And with the stomach flu fresh on our minds, we were taking it very slowly.
 We made it eventually, and everyone was oh so happy to be there.

That night Sam and Heidi and their kids arrived, and we spent the next day as a work day and a play day with the cousins.

We're now at Kent's parents' house for Thanksgiving, and last night Nicholas made up a song as we roasted marshmallows around the fire.

"Camping, camping, camping
It's a great day in the forest!
I love to run in circles
run in circles
run in circles.
It's a great day!
Great day!


Teresa said...

You are too kind =)
I love the little songs Nicholas makes up.

heidi said...

i loved seeing you and having the time at the cabin and Sunday at my house! have a fabulous thanksgiving.