Friday, January 18, 2013

and when she wakes up each morning

 She's rocking some super awesome bedhead.
She tries to get in the tub with her clothes still on.
She steals her brother's sippy cups.  First thing in the morning and all day long.  
She asks for food by pointing to her nose and saying "uh!"
She understands almost every single thing we say.
Yet she asks for everything and anything she wants just by pointing and saying "uh"
And then she says "teease!" (please) and "tadatdada" (thank-you)
She's decided that the rest of the English language is useless to her. Why say "up," "more," or even "Mom" when "teease?" has the same effect?
She shouts at herself in the mirror.
She snuggles upside-down between us in bed when we wake up, with her feet up on the pillow by our faces.
She is probably going to be left-handed.
She takes soup cans out of the pantry and carries them to the living room.
She likes to run circles around things.
She dances to the hymns at Church, and gives applause at the end of prayers and talks.

And when she wakes up each morning, she is light and joy and silliness and scrunched-nose giggles and squishy hugs and tongue clicking and sloppy kisses.

Love you, Ellie-girl


Teresa said...

And what a beautiful bedhead it is.

heidi said...

she so cute!!!