Saturday, August 27, 2011

the cache county fair

When I found out that we were going to be in Utah during the Cache County Fair I started telling Kent about these:

Posse Burgers.
The Sheriff's department sets up a booth to sell them every year at the fair.  And they are glorious. 
Hamburger, perfectly seasoned, with melted american cheese and a thick slice of ham.
Last summer, when my Grandpa was very sick, he had the family bring him down to the fairgrounds all wrapped up and in his wheelchair, just so he could have a posse burger.

Kent was sceptical-he told me that I should stop talking about them because I was setting his expectations too high and then he would just be disappointed.

Well we went to the fair that Thursday night.
We didn't stay long because Nicholas had his usual "travel-to-Utah-fever" and wasn't feeling too great,
but of course we stayed long enough to have a posse burger with my family.

The next morning, Nicholas was better, and Kent went upstairs first thing in the morning and asked my mom what time the fair opened that day.  He just had to go back and have another posse burger.

Posse Burgers are best enjoyed sitting on the grass next to the little canal that runs through the fairgrounds.  They just don't taste as good if you eat them anywhere else.

And while we were there, Kent got to cross something very important off of his bucket list.
Eating deep-fried twinkies. And oreos.

 He was one happy man.

 We thought Nicholas would like seeing the goats and sheep and chickens again since he wasn't feeling well the night before when he saw them,
but surprisingly, all he wanted to do was
sit in the shade and watch the "round and round" aka ferris wheel.
So we sat on the grass next to the ferris wheel for quite some time, really just enjoying the fact that we could actually sit on the grass! and enjoy!

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Dallin said...

Mmm, love yummy burgers. Reminds me of a burger the street vendors in Brazil make called a X-tudo (pronounced sheesh-to-do) only they also add in a fried egg and corn for good measure.